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For Matt Shirvington, athletics isn’t just a passion; it’s a way of life. He competed at the highest level for over a decade, ranking amongst some of the greatest sprinters of all time, training up to 12 times a week and working with some of the most prolific athletics coaches in the world.

Now it’s your turn – satisfy your need for speed and enhance your game with an expertly designed Shirvington Performance sprint program.

Matt Shirvington
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Elite training builds elite performance

Rugby, league, soccer, netball, AFL, Tennis… whatever your sport, lift your game with Shirvington Performance speed training.

Matt’s tailored training targets explosive power, acceleration, top speed and speed endurce, delivering peak performance to your game.

Step ahead of the rest! Increase your personal speed with technical training and speed-specific conditioning.

Matt’s wealth of experience and knowledge from the track has been transferred into unique speed sessions. Perfect your technical style and enhance the way you train for speed development and especially, explosive sprint results!

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Spalding - True to the game

As one of the world’s oldest and most respected sports brands, Spalding has a rich heritage. Founded in 1876 the company has built a reputation on producing quality performance apparel, footwear and sporting equipment.

"From the beginning it was all about being first, being the best and being what others could only aspire to become" - Founder AG Spalding

Now the brand has embraced technology and continues to produce affordable performance products including compression and 'Driform' apparel.

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